What is Fiverr.com and Freelancer.com How To Do Your Content Writing Full Details

What is Fiverr.com and Freelancer.com How To Do Your Content Writing Full Details


We are interested in writing articles, blogs and we want to write content for any website, company and person and earn money, but after learning the skill of content writing, it is most difficult and difficult for us to find clients for ourselves. It's a very difficult job. If you are a professional writer and you write proofreading content, then you can work for clients on the following freelancing sites to help you clients.




Apna App

 Waah jobs


 These are the apps and sites where you can work with clients and earn money.


Fiveer.com = This is a freelancing site, you can work for clients by creating your gigs and fixing your price. The better work you do, the more chances of getting work and you get a good rating . If the rating is good then more clients will get you work. Where you have to make your profile well and then publish your gig, if you have a good rating on your gig, then clients will jump in contact with you.


Freelancer.com = This site is also similar to Fiverr, where you have to create your profile and send a proposal message to clients, if they like your profile and have a good rating on your profile, then clients will definitely contact you for work. Your profile will help you get more work.


 In your profile you have to fill all your details properly first add your profile photo then type your skills, interest, experience then you have to tell about yourself then type your job type and job description.

You have to try that your profile is so good that the client gets impressed by seeing your profile for the very first time. You have to keep your preparation complete, you should have your own c.v, samples should be there because clients always demand them from you. You have to give the best proposal on the post of clients.



 You can also recommend more people to give ratings on your profile. You can take help from those who are already working on that site. So it was Gayus fever. Work and Freelancer. In the next article about work, I will give you full details about my app or wow jobs app. If you have any doubt or need help in today's article, then comment. I will help you

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