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Hello guys  in these article I am going to  share with you Top  best Nigeria fintech apps that I use to save, invest and keep my money from devaluation , as you  all know the inflation rate in Nigeria has risen from about  11.3 % to 18.5 % in the space of 6 months these leave me asking is money worth keeping in the banks this days 

The inflation rate in Nigeria is so high that if you left 50,000 naira  in your bank  last year which was  worth around 120 dollars today it will be worth just  100 dollars that’s even if it will be worth 100 dollars as some dollar exchange  rate go  as high as 510 naira to a dollar   you can see that  inflation has eaten up half of the value of  your money 

Now let’s take for instance the  phone that you bought last December do you really think you can get it at that  price in 2021 


What is  inflation all about and how can I beat it 


According to Investopedia  inflation is a measure of the rate of rising prices of goods and services in an economy, inflation leads to higher prices for basic necessities such as food , clothes etc. inflation has a negative impact  on the society as people now  buy things  at higher prices. 

 Now how can we reduce the effect  of inflation in our Society ?  That’s  why I am here,  today I will share with You apps that I use to save, Invest and get high interest at Zero risk,  these saving and investment  apps will earn You more Interest than your Banks let’s get to it 






With Piggyvest  you can save your money in dollars  and  earn 7 %  annual which is yearly what this means is that if you save in  dollars should the value of Naira to dollar  rise next year, your saved money will not go though devaluation so you will withdraw  your money  at  dollar rate that means that you can still afford to buy that phone next year for 100 dollar or 50,000. Naira


With piggyvest  you don’t  just earn interest on your savings but   you can  also safe the value of your money from devaluation let’s  say you saved   1,000,000 Naira in your bank at the beginning of the year by December even without touching the money the bank charges will  reduce the money but if you saved 1 million  in your Piggyvest app by the end of the year you will have 80,000 naira as an  interest on your money 



Piggyvest CEO


Piggyvest was found in 2016 by Odunayo Eweniyi  is the  Co-founder and CEO of PiggyVest. She previously cofounded, one of the largest job sites in Africa with the largest database of prescreened candidates.  

Some of the features of Piggyvest  Include 






Flex Naira


With flex Naira you can save for emergencies ,  that means you can withdraw your money  anytime you have a need your Flex Naira account  has an  8 % interest per annual.  Even if you don’t  have a bank account you can deposit  money using your flex account  number  


I use PiggyVest to save & invest securely. Sign up with my link and get ₦1,000.00 to start your own savings journey -



Flex Dollar 


Just like flex Naira  you can withdraw your money  anytime  you wish but the difference is that  your money is saved in dollars and you earn a 7 % annual interest if you decide to save in dollars. 

With flex  dollar if the value  of Naira to dollar should go up  in the Next few  years you can still afford to buy something that cost a 100 dollar. 


I use PiggyVest to save & invest securely. Sign up with my link and get ₦1,000.00 to start your own savings journey -



Target saving 


Piggyvest  offers target savings with these kind of savings you  can save towards a target may be your house rent, a  gadget and some people save for December from the beginning  of the year using Piggyvest  You can decide to save with your family  members or alone with target savings you get a 9 percent annual  interest. 




Piggyvest  also have investment features where you can invest in  agricultural,  transport  etc. and get  20  – 35 percent in 6, 9 or 12 months of investment.   

As always  make your research and read other people review on play store  find out more but if you decide  to download  the app You can use my referral Code = Life  to earn 1000 Naira bonus and when you refer your friends to save with Piggyvest you also earn 1000 naira. 






If you are looking  to or have the dearm of owning stocks from Nigeria  Trove  is the best currently in Nigeria 




With trove you can invest in stocks such as apple, Tesla and other foreign  stocks, trove also gives you the opportunity to invest in big Chinese company from here in  Nigeria,  they also have Nigerian  stocks on trove I like them because  they have low fees and fast deposit and withdrawal process, you also get lots of information about the company  you are buying their stocks and what other people think about that company so that you can make your decisions 





Trove gives you the opportunity to invest in foreign stocks such as apple ( the company  that makes your iPhone) with as little as 1 dollar or 500 naira  you can  own a share of apple from Nigeria. 


When You register on trove, you can deposit using your trove   bank account  number. 


Go learn more about trove you can  search trove on goggle or YouTube ask Questions like how use trove app,  thinks. 


If decide to buy stocks with Trove you can register with referral Code =YLPL0M    to get 5 shares/stocks  of   GT bank or dangote  sugar for free 






Roqqu is a legit app for buying and selling cryptocurrency in Nigeria  with Roqqu you can buy, hodl and sell Bitcoin, Eth,  litcoin, dogecoin, BNB, shib inu, etc. at Low fees 

Roqqu was created in 2019 By uchanan Nnodum




Uchenna Nnodim's Tech-Cryptocurrency Business, is Powering Financial Independence in Africa. Uchenna Nnodum is the Founder of, a cryptocurrency exchange platform and, an online academy for training developers.

Some features include 

√  Fast P2P deposit and withdrawal through the Raven wallet 

To be able to buy and sell crypto with Roqqu you need to download the Raven wallet app these is because of the ban of crypto in Nigeria as we can only buy crypto through P2p now. 

With raven you can fund your roqqu wallet deposit and withdraw in minutes 

√ beginner friendly 

Using roqqu is simple for beginners in crypto all you need to do is  download  the app and verify your identity using your NIN number, I have been using the app to invest in crypto and I haven’t  had any issues but I wouldn’t  advice  anyone to send or receive crypto using there wallet but if you  like me looking  for an app to just buy and hodl and sell when the prices increases you can give it a try. 

√ they have Lots of valuable  coins like Binance coin , dogecoin and even shib inu ( doge killer)  which has  done 100,000×  in a month, if you had invested  just  50,000 naira in dogecoin  in February before it surged you will be more  than a million Naira rich now  on these meme coin Wow,   roqqu  has  a total of 36 coins. 


You can download  Roqqu and raven wallet  using the Link Below


√ You can buy airtime, data and pay  bills with the money  you earn from your crypto investment on roqqu 

Roqqu has lots of other cool feature but one thing I like about roqqu is that you can  invest in cryptocurrency  like Bitcoin and other coins with just 500 naira and when you make a profit  you sell 

You can download  Roqqu and raven wallet  using the Link Below

Note: Raven digital bank app is just a wallet  you can use to deposit  and withdraw from roqqu and also send the money to your bank. 

You can learn how use roqqu on YouTube,  just search roqqu on YouTube 









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