The 5 apps that you can earn real money in Nigeria

In Nigeria, an employee can no longer depend on salary if you'd really want to achieve your goals.

Someone that has a big dream to achieve can no longer depend on salary because it doesn't even satisfy our daily needs.

So, side hustle has been the trend now to achieve our goals as the money received can be set aside as savings for the goals we want to achieve. 

Today, I would be listing 5 apps that can help you earn you money in Nigeria.

1. InstaNaira



This is an app that helps you earn money while reading news and watching short clips. You earn money to by signing in everyday.

Cash out is either made either airtime or cash directly into your bank account.


2. Swagbucks.

This is a survey app in Nigeria that helps you earn cash. You earn by filling in surveys, you earn points that are later converted to either gifts cards or money to your Bitcoin account.

If you would like gift cards, it would be sent to your email address and you can sell it to people who are interested in it. 


3. Premise



I totally recommend this app because I have earned a lot from it. You earn by filling surveys and reporting the prices of goods by taking the pictures and sending it to them. You can cash out by airtime or cash when you reach their threshold.


4. WikiFx


This is a forex news app that helps you know scammers and news in the forex trade. They usually hold giveaway of N2500 airtime credit every month.

You can convert it to cash by selling it to people who needs them like @patricia on Instagram.


5. Branch loan app




Well this is one of the accredited loan app by CBN in Nigeria. They also support a referral program which allows you to invite someone and get paid.

When the person you refer takes a loan and inputs your code before paying the loan. You earn N1500 and he gets N500 which you can withdraw to your bank account.

So why don't you try any of these today and smile to your bank account.


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