People In These 7 States Should Be Very Careful As There Was A Warning Prophecy About Insecurity

Looking back, one will not believe what some men of God are saying concerning security issues in the country. This is because they believe that the pandemic has grounded all those who sponsored insurgents.


But now the case is taking a new turn as killings are slowly becoming rampant. People are now scared of the situation the nation is in. Nobody is sure of the safety the government promised. It looks like things are not going to be better again.

The recent controversial argument between the military and the UN officials over the number of casualties in the latest attack that claimed the lives of many in the northern part of Nigeria has made matters worse. People are not sure who to believe anymore.

But Eight months before the attack, there were reports of a popular spiritual leader issuing warnings prophecies. This man was said to have published a book on what is to happen in the country. The book is a warning given to the people of the nation. But as usual, nobody pays attention.


Seven States we're mentioned in the book. These states, as the man of God, wrote are to be more careful in terms of security. The States include Abuja, Adamawa, Bauchi Borno, Benue, Kano, and Kaduna.


The book which was authored by one primate is titled "warnings to the nations". Its collection of divine signals was published in 1994 and from then, there have been revised editions every year.


The prophecies of this man of God is believed by many to come to pass. Let's take this thing seriously as we embark on prayers. The Lord will surely answer us.


Please if you live in the mentioned, be very careful and prayerful. The attack on the rice farmers was a confirmation of the prophecies.



Take your time and share this article with as many as possible. This will us fight this battle together in prayer. We shall join our faith toger to win this spiritual war. 



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Ateji Damilola - Dec 3, 2020, 6:18 AM - Add Reply


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Austin Muster - Dec 3, 2020, 8:10 AM - Add Reply

Buhari needs to hand over to someone better, he is playing with lives all this was his mission to destroy lives and property and give opportunity to terrorism (boko haram) that was why he forcefully collected power from Goodluck Jonathan at the first place, but guess what we are all tired of this games and we should stop soldiers from ruling this country because it's silly for someone to serve a country and rule it lateron, how will such person have respect and value for the lives of people therein.. We need a new Nigeria! New government! No more soldiers ruling us, we are tired of the bullies and lack of good governance from the northerners and most especially Soldiers as president in particular... Buhari must go.. Buhari must resign!

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Godwin philip - Jan 27, 2021, 1:40 PM - Add Reply

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