If you know your contents are 100% free from plagiarism and found no where else don't hesitate to message us via livechat with the article title for fast approval. News Entertainment and sports are paused until further notice 


What is plagiarize articles ?

Plagiarism is an act of gathering informations from one or more sources then make an article with it and trying to modify to make it unique is wrong. Repeatedly Violations will lead to permanently ban

If you Message us and you know you copy and paste your account will be ban in other to keep our platform free from plagiarism 


We have more pending articles pending for approval. It can delay for your article to be approved if we found more users copy and paste another website posts and send  it to us. Users account will be suspended for 60days.


We welcome unique writers that writes unique contents 


And away from bad writers with plagiarism account will be ban.


We apologise for those who wrote unique articles but experiencing pending approval we are currently restricting bad users with copy and paste contents from another site 


We have no tolerance for plagiarism

Second Terms 


An example of well written article with external link free images, well organized and good for readers to understand.


Check out the article and please learn to use the features in lodpress to make your articles good for readers 


⚠️Do not copy articles from anywhere else. Be it Facebook, operanews or other sources.  Do not download images from any sources without reading their terms of use if you are free to use any contents from their site.  Images downloaded from Google isn't own by Google, do not. Google is just a search engine 



We have zero for plagiarism (copy and paste)


Or trying to modify article copied from another website in other to make it unique contents of yours. It's prohibited. 


We welcome unique creators and away from bad creators.


If your articles is 100% unique then you will have good readers our AI is smart enough to detect plagiarism contents.


News Entertainment and Sports are paused for now


Paid views Terms in 

How earning are credited per reading time?

300 minimum words required = 30 seconds reading time before you get paid views 

1000 words is = 10 seconds reading time before you get paid views 

3000 words = 5 seconds reading time.

Note we apply this policy in other to filter Fake readers and fake clicks.

Hits is different from paid views 

Hits similar to reachs

We pay $5 to $15 per 1000 paid views