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We are a legitimate platform. We cooperate with the government and pay taxes to the government. We have been in Nigeria for two years. We are not a new platform. Only legitimate platforms can last longer, because the company has more and more partners. Many, the company needs more people to help the company complete the cooperation with the business, so the company needs you to invite your friends to join your team, so that you can make more money, your friends can also make money, the company can also make money . This is mutually beneficial.

Please remember that in Nigeria, only our MML is legal and true, and we pay taxes to the government. Some illegal platforms are illegally established in the name of our company. These companies do not need to pay taxes. Some illegal platforms were discovered by us and complained by the legal department of our UK headquarters. Those illegal platforms may collapse at any time, do not join those illegal platforms, if you join, we will not bear any loss, you have nothing to be scared of there are here to stay.

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