How to make your first one million naira online.

How to make your first one million naira online. Very simple.

Hi everyone, if you have been reading my articles here on lodpress, you will know that I make great content centered around making money online, and in this article, I will be teaching you step by step how to make your first one million naira online.


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In this article, I will be showing you a hack to make free money for yourself now very fast and easy.


All you have to do is to be patient and stick with me to the very end of this article so you can get the whole idea.


Grab some cool chilled drink with some snacks and relax while I take you around, step by step to make as much as you want to make online for free. To ensure that you don't miss most of my make-money-online ideas, you must click here right now after reading this article.


The method I will be sharing today is a no-fail method that is gonna work for you very perfectly if you put it into practice.


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I need a lot of people to make money through this article. That is why I encourage you to share this article with as many people as possible and don't be stingy. 


You will never get this method from anyone else. I am taking my time to painstakingly write out these secrets to make real cool cash just to help you make money online because that is my passion.


What is this method?


We are going to be making all this money from just one app, are you surprised? Lol

Don't be surprised, I mean what I am telling you and it works like magic.


The app I will be talking about in this article is the Kuda microfinance banking app. Some of you may know the app or even use the app.


But do you know that you can make a whole lot of money from this app?


That is what this article is all about. I am going to show you everything you need to succeed.


How are we going to make a whole lot of money with this app?


Kuda app has what we call a referral program where you will be making #200 naira per person you refer to kuda. 


Don't worry, I will be showing you how to get as many referrals as you want as we proceed further so stay tuned.


How to get a lot of referrals


Getting referrals is very simple as ABC, guys this is simple money and you're not sweating on someone's farm to get it.


I have a friend of mine in college who made 40 thousand naira blocks from this.


What did he do? 


He just copied his referral code and moved around the campus from one person to the other, referring to signing up and using the app with his referral code, collected their phone and registered them and after everything, they both received 200 naira each.


He did this to almost anybody he met at the end of the day. My guy made up to 40 thousand naira just that day.


What an awoof money.

If you refer someone on the kuda app and the person signs up, you both will be making 200 naira each.


For clarity, I will split this article into two, parts one and two.


This is part one where you will be registering on the kuda app now and waiting for part two.


I promise to bring the second part two of this article Friday next week or even before then.


How will I make money on kuda


You must do this right now. This is free, you don't need to pay any money and you don't need to do any heavy work.


If you can not implement this method now to make money, then I may conclude that making money online is not for you, because this is very simple to do.


Below are the top things you need to set in place now and wait for my part two article next week.


It is important to do this now, this is step one

  • Go to the google play store and download the kuda app

  • After downloading the app, creating your account, is very simple, and the most important thing to do next is to put this code in the text box where you are asked for the referral code RvmIfX98     note if you don't put this code, RvmIfX98 this method will by no means work for you and you are not going to get your 200 naira to sign up bonus. It is very important to put this code RvmIfX98

  • After putting the code in, there are a few more steps to eventually get it done the right way. They are going to show you a list of important things to do to get your account activated. Don't worry, these things are very simple. They are just asking you to do these things to verify your account, just like they do in the bank.

  • The following are the things they will need from you. Your details, BVN, NIN, and your selfie.

  • When you might have finished giving them all these details, congratulations. You are set and your account is fully activated.

  • You can choose to refer to your family and friends, loved ones, etc. You can choose part two of this article, where I will be showing free traffic to as many referrals as you can and making unlimited money.

The above-mentioned steps are the phases you need to pass and get your account fully set to make cool money.


Till next time, we will meet at part two. Part two will be called How to make your first one million naira online. Very simple. Part Two.


It will be posted on Friday


Don't miss it.

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