How to make 30 thousand naira From home as a student with your smartphone. very simple and easy method.

How to make 30 thousand naira From home as a student with your smartphone. very simple and easy method.

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Today I will be sharing with you a great idea to make money online as a student from home. If you are going to stick to what I will be discussing with you today and put it to action, you are on your way to making Cool money over and over again. 


This method is recommended to all of you guys out there who are looking for a way to make money with their phones or a laptop, students who are looking for extra cash, and every other person who wants to work in the comfort of their house with just their phone.


Making money online using this method that will be shared today is very easy and fun, you can do this on any device connected to the internet.


The website we will be talking about is, owodaily is just like a micro-task website where you are paid to perform some social media tasks online. Owodaily has so many people who are making real money online on the platform.


How much can you make a day on owodaily

When talking about how much you can make in a day on owodaily, I will say that it varies because it depends on the number of jobs that are posted on the platform for a particular day. When I am introducing any make-money-online platform to my audience, I love to be realistic and sincere to them so that they know ahead of time the amount of money they can make out of it for sure. 

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Is owodaily legit or a scam

Owodaily is a very legit platform and as a matter of fact, I can't promote a scam website to my audience here on lodpress because I care about them and I want them to also make money on the internet.


How does owodaily make money

Owodaily makes money from the registration fees and uses them to run and maintain the site.

How much is the registration fee on owodaily

Owodaily is not free to join but has a registration fee of a one-time payment of 3k to get access to their basic benefits. Why am saying basic benefits is that owodaily has two types of accounts I

Which are the 3k package and the 10k package(owodaily plus). But in this article I recommend you to go for the normal package which is 3k and not owodaily plus. If you want to take it to the next level you can upgrade later on. Guys, based on my experience on this site, I can assure you that this site is worth your 3k, you can just take the 3k as your capital, every business needs capital for sure. You will be making money with your smartphone at home.


The minimum payout of owodaily

The minimum payout for owodaily is very low, as soon as you reach 5k, you can withdraw your money to your bank account. 

How to work on owodaily


Working on owodaily is straightforward, all you have to do is to pick up a job and click on apply.


As you can see on the screenshot above that this job only requires you to follow a Facebook account and is very simple.




The next thing is to look at the instructions to perform the task. After that, you click on start job, which is very easy. After you might have followed the Facebook account, you will then scroll down and provide your proof, the proof here is to provide your Facebook username as you can see below.


After that, you scroll down and submit proof. Your money will be immediately moved to your pending balance. Owodaily tasks are so easy to do and they pay a high amount of money for their tasks. Some tasks are as high as 500 naira and so.

How to make ×2 money on owodaily

I have shown you above how to perform tasks and get paid on owodaily, But now let me show you great tips and methods to make more money on owodaily. 

To make more money on owodaily, you will have to take advantage of their referral program and get people to sign up through your link, don't worry, I am going to reveal to you tips on how to get more referrals to owodaily through your link.

  • Facebook

The first traffic source here is, and we all know that Facebook has a lot of real traffic and millions of monthly visitors. So all you will have to do is to go to your Facebook search bar and search for make money online groups and you are going to see a bunch of making money online groups. Do your best to join as many groups as possible, some groups might approve you instantly, while some groups might approve, later on, some groups may ask you some questions before you are approved. After you might have joined these groups, now your next step is to post on as many of these groups as possible and put in your referral link. Please be very careful while doing this because some Facebook groups frown at referral links. If you want more detailed strategies to get referrals on Facebook, you can comment below. I need Facebook referral tutorials and I will consider making a post on that if there are no comments, then I will assume that you guys don't need it.

  • Quora

Another traffic source to our referral link is this great question and answer website known as quora which has a lot of traffic. The method you will be using on quora is to search for a bunch of questions that have to do with how to make money online in Nigeria, by using the quora search bar. 

Then you are going to answer like 50 questions every day and put in your referral link on each question you answer.

The pros and cons of owodaily 


Owodaily has its disadvantages and advantages

Advantages of owodaily

  • It allows you to make money from your smartphone

  • It also allows you to post works on the platform and get people to get it done for you

  • You can win their car promo if you are lucky.

Disadvantages of owodaily

  • There are some days when there is not much to do.


How to sign up

To sign up to owodaily and start making your own money from your smartphone click here to join.


Making money on owodaily is a very cool way to make extra cash with your smartphone anywhere. If you like the content like this and would love to learn more creative ways my subscribers make money online for free without paying a dime, visit my website now and subscribe for free so you become one of our subscribers and get notified when we post new make money online ideas.


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