How To Earn N2000 Everyday On Bangcasino

We have come to the era whereby making money can be done easily and efficiently by sitting on our couch.

What I mean is we have entered the generation of earning money online, there's no need to walk about under the hot scorching sun looking for vacancy or the likes.

Make money in Nigeria with Bangcasino

Today I will show you how to cash out up to N2000 to your bank everyday provided you meet up with the criteria.


Firstly go to their website by clicking Here

After you are redirected, sign up for a new account, you should receive a verification code through the number you provided so make sure that sim is present in your phone.


  • After that click on cashbox

Bangcasino homepage


  • A pop up like the one below should appear, tap on open now and a random amount of cash will be generated for you.



  • After that tap on claim, and you will be redirected to your dashboard where you can earn more.


Here there are three quickest ways to earn which are silver, gold and diamond.


If you tap on silver, a screen will be displayed like the one below


Then you can click on one of the boxes, to claim your cash.

Whether you're lucky or not you can still continue playing by sharing to friends. It will be completed once you manage to claim three silver boxes.


After silver the next box which follows is the gold box. There is no catch here all you have to do is open the box.

 laim your prize and wait at least for another hour to claim your second prize. Once you open three gold boxes, you automatically complete that mission.



Now onto the diamond box, here you have to be fast and claim as many boxes as you can handle and redeem its prize.



After participating in those activities, other activities that can help you earn is by downloading their app, and lastly inviting your friends to it.

But make sure to get as many friends as possible to join because after 24 hours, your cash box resets to zero.


Lastly, its totally free, and if you have enough friends to join you could be smiling to your bank everyday.


Hope you like it, drop your thoughts in the comment section and share.


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Ayinde Shina Adewale - Sep 8, 2020, 5:04 PM - Add Reply

I don't understand the method at all

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Michael Philip - Sep 9, 2020, 3:46 AM - Add Reply

What don't you understand pls

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