Raila Odinga: There Were No IDPs During My Administration And Everyone Will Live In Peace.

Next year's presidential candidate through the ODM ticket, Mr. Raila Odinga, said it was important to involve all ethnic groups in Kenya. Raila Odinga called on all Kenyans to unite without discrimination based on race, ethnicity, or gender.

Raila Odinga says it is better not to feel insecure because of coming from a different place than where you are now. Raila Odinga adds by saying everyone has the right to live in any place they want without fear of reprisals or harassment.

Raila Odinga adds that in the campaign for a unified resolution in the run-up to next year's presidency, it is enabling Kenyans to do business and prosper anywhere in Kenya. Raila says Muhya and Mjaluo can go and live in Nyeri and about them.

Raila goes on to say that under his rule, all internally displaced persons will be compensated for their property and kept in a safe place. This will be history in and there will be no IDPs in my administration.

We will also ensure that property confiscated by other people is returned to the rightful owner of the property, all of which was discussed by the main leader of the Orange Democratic Movement, Mr. Raila Odinga. Thank you for following this article, and I invite you to like and share it on all social networks.

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