#EndSARs: You Think Is a Joke, " This is REVOLUTION and Curfew is not the Solution"

Great Nigeria, The giant of Africa, the land that was full of honey and wine, blessed with many natural resources but we have problem of leadership and insecurity.

No good leader that will lead us to promise land.

Lack of good leadership lead to corruption while the insecurity leads to massacre. When i look at the whole things, i ask myself, what its the solution to the problem?

Corruption have taken over the country, we produced millions of graduate, no jobs,

no money and no capital to start a good business. killing, and kidnapping everyday.



Npower which is the best initiative of this government was scrapped without any reasons.

Government disengaged over N500,000.00 responsible youths  and send them back to street.


No good plan for the youths in the country, Our Government is decieving us every blessed day,

all the recruitment turned to slot, if you can't buy slot no job, they spend billions on election

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Austin Muster - Dec 4, 2020, 6:05 AM - Add Reply

Another protest is coming up again this very month.. Being bloody or not we are always ready

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Florence Ijeoma Anika - Feb 5, 2021, 2:04 PM - Add Reply

You have written well. They promised us what they will never do. The country is a joke

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