Earn $5 on this airdrop now.

Good day guys, today I will be teaching you guys of another way to earn money online.


This is through claiming of free airdrops. So far in my time doing crypto, I've claimed lots of airdrops, one over $150. Yes, a lot of people feel its impossible or fake but some cryptocurrency companies really reward people who support them during their startup or early stages. 


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The airdrop being discussed today is MEMEBANK (MBK), MemeBank is a Web3 cryptocurrency exchange offering spot and futures trading hand-tailored to the needs of young investors.

Long story short, you just sign up and get free 50MBK (worth $5 as at the writing of this article). All you need to do is to follow this.


 1. Join airdrop through link. CLICK HERE

 2. Sign up to email and input your memebank wallet address. You can get it on trustwallet, using memebank contract address 

 3. Claim airdairdrop and share link to earn more.

That's all thanks for your time.

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