Gainvest Crashes


¶ What is Gainvest

¶ How does Gainvest work

¶ How do I get paid on Gainvest

¶ Breakdown of Gainvest earnings

¶ Is Gainvest Legit

¶ F.A.Q

What is Gainvest

Gainvest is a Multi-earning platform designed to give users the secret to unlock their financial freedom. Gainvest pays users for simple tasks done on the site, not like other site (ponzi scheme) that claims to pay users for reading news, commenting,sharing and blah blah blah but later turns out to be a disappointment to users.

Gainvest which was launched on January 30th has gathered a lot of members (100+ at the time of writing this post) because of promising reviews by others who has gained a lot from this site.

Sneak peek:

I joined Gainvest through a user that persuaded me to join. Surely, I doubted it severely, because what my eyes has seen on all this ponzi site made me swear to never involve myself in such things again,

Actually,he told me Gainvest requires no single referral if you want to cashout.

That's what now made me to disbelief the fact, because all other site I had registered on 

*Flowextra (N2500)

*Boompay (N1000)

*Newsnaira (N1500)

*Actify (N3000)

All turned out to be scam to me. because I believed the site saying that you don't need a single referral to cashout,but on cashing out 

It demanded referral from me, that's what made me say I'll never venture into all these pesky sites again.

But after my friend persuading me and showing me his wow cashout even without 1 referral, I had no choice but to join the site.

And now i can testify on cashing out N6000 on my first subscription.


Check the date 🌝😌 this was last week Monday


 First cashout on Monday (recently)

And now, who no like better thing. I re-subscribed and started another 6k journey of Gainvest...

How does Gainvest work

You don't really need a hard brain to run Gainvest. Inasmuch as you have a phone & an Internet connection. You're good to go.


*Registration with a one-time N700 payment

*Activation of your 30-day subscription account

*Earn from task

*Cashout at will (N4500 minimum)

How do I get paid on Gainvest

You earn from simple ad-like tasks, you also earn from daily login & referring Friends.

And when you're at your withdrawal threshold,you cashout at will


Breakdown of Gainvest earnings

Tasks: N100-N200 as the case may be

Daily login: N50

Referring Friends: N500

You also get a N500 welcome bonus on successful registration.


Is Gainvest legit

As at time of writing this post , Gainvest is legit and has paid members consequently, 

And also Gainvest is Registered with the C.A.C (Co-operate affairs commission) and Caleb Urbanus I the founder of Gainvest.

Guarantee we know the founder of Gainvest, that gives it a green flag and safe to register on.

My advice about all this helpful site is to join it as they launch or as they are new so as to benefit from them before we get story that touches.


Edited Today (4/04/2022)

And now, this post has been edited because Gainvest has crashed as of now due to so many members earning on the site.

That's why I wrote it before that's it better we join this kind of sites as early as possible to avoid story that touches.

And now,Gainvest has stopped it activity.

My advice on any other earning sit is that we should join the site as early and possible so we can gather quick earnings before the site crashes.


Thanks to those that earlier registered and had earlier cashed out.



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